To know a bit more...


In 1983 when we arrived on this farm to create a place to live and welcome others, there was a small house with a leaking roof and a handsome stone barn.
We added floors, restored, upgraded, built with or hands with the help of passing friends come to breathe after a difficult tie, or simply to experience a bit of socially active life
From the start we chose the healthiest materials to build, organic agriculture for the soils and quality food for meals.
The best way to make this deserted region alive again, was to plant hedges. At the time, that was daring, but the 2500 trees from 50 varieties that we planted offer now a pleasing and humanised environment.
We were anxious to experiment a new judicial relationship between land and buildings; the land and the building are owned by an association akin to a foundation.
All this is…………our care, to be maintained, upgraded, to make it fertile and will, after us be made available to people who will want to see a project dear to them and useful for the world, prosper.